Ferrock Elements Farm

Who are we from Ferrock Elements Farm?

Your reliable partner for biogas!

Discover Ferrock Hydroxide, the natural solution for efficient desulfurization of your biogas plant.

Ferrock Elements Farm is your competent expert for biogas and biogas plants. Our product Ferrock Hydroxide is a high-quality iron hydroxide obtained from naturally mined raw materials. It stands for the highest quality and optimal desulfurization properties by effectively removing H2S/hydrogen sulfide directly in the fermenter.

Why Ferrock Elements Farm is your perfect partner:

  • Quality that counts: We place the highest value on the quality of our Ferrock Hydroxide, which is carefully produced from natural raw materials.
  • Customer satisfaction in focus: Your satisfaction is our goal. Our dedicated team is here to assist you.

RocKI - Your chatbot for all questions about biogas and biogas plants:

To ensure you feel well taken care of, we have developed RocKI - your reliable chatbot for all matters related to biogas and biogas plants. With RocKI, you'll receive answers to your questions around the clock.

Trust Ferrock Elements Farm as your reliable partner for high-quality iron hydroxide. With Ferrock Hydroxide, we offer you the ideal desulfurization solution to operate your biogas plant gently and efficiently.