Who is RocKI?

RocKI, Your Innovative and Friendly Chatbot for Biogas and Biogas Plants

He is not just a comprehensive source of information, but also a personal assistant available 24/7, 7 days a week, to help you with all your questions and concerns.

RocKI Possesses In-Depth Knowledge About Various Types of Biogas Plants

Such as manure, mini, agricultural, co-fermentation, and energy crop-based biogas plants, and can provide you with details about the construction and processes in these plants, as well as the bacteria and microorganisms involved. He is equally knowledgeable about the use of feedstocks and input materials, as well as the utilization of waste and byproducts in biogas plants.

In Addition to Technical Aspects, RocKI Provides Insights into Operating and Maintenance Costs as well as the Economics of Biogas Plants

He supplies you with valuable information about profitability, available subsidies, and financing options for these plants. RocKI is also up to date on the environmental friendliness and sustainability of biogas plants and can explain the pros and cons, allowing you to make informed decisions.

RocKI is also Your Go-To Resource for Practical Questions

Whether you are planning to operate a biogas plant in agriculture, for residential use, or in the industry, RocKI is ready to provide tailored tips and can even assist you in optimizing your biogas plant in Farming Simulator 22!

In Addition to All This, RocKI is an Expert on the History and Development of Biogas Plants

He can inform you about the invention of biogas plants, the largest biogas plants worldwide, and their future development.

The User-Friendly and Intuitively Designed RocKI is Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Users Alike

He adapts to your needs and provides tailored answers and solutions. With RocKI, learning and understanding about biogas and biogas plants becomes easy and convenient. Start a conversation today and discover how RocKI can be your guide in the world of biogas.